Adopte an Olive Tree

Every olive tree is a timekeeper that bears witness to our regeneration of this land

This story begins more than thirty years ago, when an olive grove full of centuries-old trees was abandoned. But the story we want to tell is one of rebirth: since 2019, Verbum Caudo Cooperative’s agriculturists have started to bring this olive grove back to life, dedicating time, passion and hard work to regenerate its production of oil to a level that’s worthy of its history. Three years on, the olive grove is producing its first organic extra virgin olive oil and creating work for young people in the community.

It hasn’t been easy to harvest in the grove again and gather the trees’ olives amongst neglected plants and towering, bushy shrubs. The whole process has demanded great energy and the road ahead is long and windy: making up for thirty years of abandonment is slow, constant work. As well as maintaining the land and its plants, it is of vital importance that we carry out research on every single tree to identify and map out their cultivar. This will allow us to develop effective practices that improve our oil production and bring oil to everyone’s table.

 the first cultivation work carried out in the olive grove, May 2020

Maintenance and pruning of the olive trees, March 2023

Your help

We have chosen the “adopt a tree scheme” because it allows anyone interested to be part of the olive grove’s regeneration. These are the different options we’ve come up with for you:

Adopt an olive tree

Adopt and name a tree with €50, for yourself or as a gift to one of your loved ones. As well as the tree’s adoption certificate, you’ll receive 2 litres of the grove’s organic olive oil.

Adopt two olive trees

Adopt and name four trees with 200€. As well as the trees’ adoption certificate, you’ll receive 12 litres of the grove’s organic olive oil.

Adopt four trees

Adopt and name four trees with 200€. As well as the trees’ adoption certificate, you’ll receive 12 litres of the grove’s organic olive oil.

You’ll also be invited to take part in a guided tour experience with members of the Verbum Caudo Cooperative: “The Olive Grove Reawakens: the community reclaims the fruits of the olive trees” (october-march) and spend an entire day inside the olive grove. This is a unique way of discovering the history of Verbum Caudo’s land, a land that was restored to our collective use and guardianship after being confiscated from the Mafia thanks to the investigation work of Judge Giovanni Falcone.

Adopt your olive tree and invite your friends to do the same!

Your support will allow farmers and agriculturists to identify the cultivar in the grove and increase its productivity. Your contribution will open up a new chapter in Verbum Caudo’s story: restoring another part of the land to the community so that it can enjoy the fruits of these olive trees according to the values that inspire the Cooperative: opportunities for young people, sustainable production, ethical work, solidarity, cooperation and transparency.